Why Choose On Time Heating And Air Conditioning

If you’re a resident of Waukesha County in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then chances are you may have experienced heating or cooling issues at some point. And if this happens, then the best thing to do is to call a heating and cooling service for professional help.

One such company that excels in servicing HVAC and air conditioning problems is On Time Heating & Air Conditioning.

And if you’re interested to find out more about this company, then we invite you to read further as we are going to cite some reasons why you have to choose this company over the rest to fix your AC problems.

Brief Background Of The Company

On Time Heating And Air Conditioning was established in 2019 by Shane Herro. They specialize in the residential application, repair, maintenance, and full-service installation of air conditioning units, heaters, and furnaces. Also, they specialize in mini split air conditioning systems, humidifiers (air quality humidifiers with UV lights), and forced air furnaces.

On Time Heating is a locally-owned and operated HVAC repair and installation company that serves the metropolitan area of Milwaukee and Lake County area. And the company is able to build a good reputation after helping several residents who are truly happy with the work they have done for them.

Why Choose Them Over Other HVAC Companies In Milwaukee?

Transparent Pricing – On Time Heating will conduct an initial assessment to determine the cost of the job and to ensure no hidden fees will be charged to the customer.

2-Year Repair Warranty – Most HVAC companies in Milwaukee only offer a 1-year warranty. But On Time Heating takes it a notch higher by offering a 2-year repair warranty on all the works – no questions asked. Their reputation tells so much of the service they provide and are more than willing to work extra harder to make sure all their customers are happy.

Trusted And Friendly Technicians – Their technicians respect the homes of their customers by wearing the proper equipment before work and ensure the place is all cleaned-up after leaving. And they are more than willing to answer any of the customer’s inquiries just to keep them informed about the ongoing repair and the preventive measures to be observed thereafter.

On-Time Service Guaranteed – The company’s name is a testament to their dedication to delivering fast and on time service, all the time!

What Do Customers Say About On Time Heating?

Melanie Huffer stated that On Time Heating does good work. Aside from that, they are also friendly and quick to reply to messages.

Mike Molina shared that Shane was able to make a quick diagnosis of his motherboard problem and made the right decision in replacing it with a new one. In addition, their service technicians are also very knowledgeable and able to do clean, prompt service.

Rebecca Schimke, another satisfied, customer also added that Shane was able to provide great service and recommendations and did not hesitate to walk her through the process to let her know what he was doing.

Final Word

Overall, On Time Heating And Air Conditioning is a highly recommended company for your heating and cooling needs. Visit their website today (otheating.com) for online bookings or call them at 262-671-8999 to set a schedule for a tune-up, cleaning, maintenance, and installation.

The Advantages Of Building With A Durable Conex Container

The invention of shipping containers has standardized the mode of shipping transportation since 1956. And these modules also paved the way for the boosting of the global long distance trade in the latter part of the 20th century. However, in recent years, the functionality of these steel vessels has experienced a rather unusual turn as conex and shipping containers are now being utilized as architectural materials for building residential houses and commercial establishments, or most commonly known as “container architecture”.

But is it feasible to make use of shipping containers as homes or buildings? Read more as we are going to give you a list of the advantages of building with a conex container in today’s article.

‘Green’ Building

Making use of shipping containers as a habitable structure can be a practical and eco-friendly solution since they are being repurposed into homes rather than melting it down.

The fact of the matter is, melting down a durable conex container requires 8000 kWh of energy. Now try to imagine the amount of fuel needed just to melt the container down to liquid metal. Likewise, upcycling a shipping container only takes 400 kWh, which is a significant difference compared to the traditional meltdown disposal.

Moreover, using conex containers helps you to minimize the use of cement, which is made in factories that produce a lot of CO2 and release it into the air.

Structural Stability

Shipping containers are now considered as an ideal architectural material because they are “virtually indestructible”. These containers are initially designed to carry heavy loads and withstand harsh weather conditions at land and sea, and can be easily stacked on top of each other and therefore, making it a suitable material for building multi-story homes.


Also, the structural stability of these vessels will ensure the homeowner will be protected from any disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. And they can be easily removed from one place to another with little effort. Thus, making it a good material for putting up structures in remote areas.


A used conex container costs around $2000 to $5000 depending on the size and the condition of the container. And the shape of the vessel is ideal to be repurposed as a home or an office since the cost is 30% cheaper compared to the building that is made from the traditional brick and mortar.

Quick And Easy Construction

Constructing a house or a building the usual way normally takes months (6 months at most). But time won’t be an issue once you use a shipping container as an architectural material since the structure can be completed in just 2 to 3 weeks.  And if all of the materials have already been cut off similar to prefabricated materials, then construction can be finished within a day or 2.

Off-Site Construction

Finally, a durable conex container can be cut off into pieces (as previously mentioned), assembled off site, and then delivered to your property once you are ready to use it. In fact, the container home can be built at a workshop and then delivered to your plot of land once it is finished.

Check out Western Shelter today if you’re planning to buy a high-quality shipping container roof. Click on the link to visit their website.

Why You Need An Efficient Content Marketing Strategy

Content is a significant part of a marketing campaign. It is the medium where you can disseminate information about your business to customers. And it is very crucial in building trust that will inevitably lead to conversion. In fact, content is so important these days since 80% percent of today’s customers would like to get more information about the company through articles rather than advertisements.

So if you’re looking to reach out to your audience effectively, the best way to go is through content marketing.

Learn more as we are going to cite some reasons why you need an efficient content marketing strategy in today’s article.

The Real Picture Of The Consumer Market

The fact of the matter is, businesses are now dealing with intelligent customers who are out to seek more information before making a purchase. In fact, most people would go out of their usual ways to do buying research from different sources in real time before making a purchase decision. In short, consumers are more informed because they make use of the internet and other materials before buying anything.

Hence, it is also recommended to invest in a practical content management process as people will surely tap into these resources before doing business with your company.

The Reasons For Obtaining A Lucrative Content Marketing Plan

Developing a good content plan is essential because the purpose of these articles is to allow people to view all the available information that they can use to make a decision about your company’s products and services. Aside from that, here are some of the main reasons to consider why you need an efficient content marketing strategy:

1. The Ability To Capitalize More On Marketing Tactics – Planning your content allows you to conceptualize the articles to be published, from providing basic information about your company to launching a brilliant influencer campaign a couple of months from now and even planning for a mega branding promotion a year after.

2. Less Anxiety – The scheduled posting of contents enables you to determine which articles are most-read and which ones are not. And as a result, this will give you a better idea of what the customers want (creating customer persona) and come up with content that can reduce churn rates and also boost your revenue numbers as well.

3. Better ROI – Planning ahead also allows you to refine your content marketing tactics and focus only on topics that appeal to the reader’s and subscriber’s priorities which can also generate high-quality leads at the same time.

And the good thing about this is you can keep track of your progress since all marketing data is documented.

4. Identify Content Gaps – Having a dynamic content creation strategy enables you to work on these specific content gaps:

 – Find keywords that have not been previously targeted buy is essential for your niche.

– Provide answers to questions from your target audience that were not previously answered.

– Identify contents which can be improved to boost lead generation.

5. Better Customer Segmentation – Last but not least, having an efficient content marketing strategy for your business allows you to create personalized articles based on the different customer personas and post contents according to the demographics of your audience.

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