Before anyone starts designing a website, it’s always important to consider the look and feel of the website. Although there are many web design Malaysia agencies available, for those looking to try designing websites yourself, these tips are for you. As a user browsing through a website, it is important to have a design that makes the user feel happy and satisfied. If you’re new to web design, here are 4 tips on how to get started as a beginner:

  1. Consistency

Fonts, colours, size – there should be an overall consistency in order to achieve a simple, clean-cut look. If there are too many fonts and colours, the design may come off as messy and it’ll be a huge turn-off to users. With layout consistency, it’ll be visually pleasing to users upon viewing the websites.

  1. Easy navigation

Having simple, clear navigation is crucial for every website. The users want to be able to know where and what to click. Thus, navigation on websites that are straight-forward will enable users to get to their goal. Users should be able to move around your website without feeling frustrated. If the navigation is complicated, users will resort to other competitor websites.

  1. White-space

When the entire website is clumped up one over the over without any space in between, it makes the website look cluttered and all over the place. Spaces along the content of the website provide a cleaner outlook and draw attention to the important content. It will also be easy on the eyes of the users if there is sufficient space between content.

  1. Responsive

Nowadays, everyone access websites through their mobile phones, tablets and so on. Websites aren’t only being viewed on desktops or laptops anymore. Therefore, it is vital for a good design to be flexible enough to fit different kinds of screen resolutions.

Web designing can be tough but it’s not impossible. If you have zero background or experience in web design, don’t be discouraged as everybody starts from somewhere.


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